In Country…

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that I would be patient with myself and others while I am learning Spanish.
  2. Please pray that I humble myself in language learning.
  3. Please pray that I encourage Dani in her language learning.
  4. Please pray that I balance learning language with learning my surrounding culture and forming national relationships.
  5. Please pray that I continually stay in God’s word, seeking Him daily for support and direction.

Thank you for your prayers!!

I am so happy to be in country. Our apartment in Chiapas, Mexico is well furnished with all the necessities and more. I am in some sort of shock. Don’t worry it’s a good kind of shock, one that comes with being in a new place in a days time. The Grumbles (Missionaries) have been extremely helpful in gradually helping us to transition into life here. I have met a few nationals in church and at the grocery store. Mainly I can’t wait to practice my Spanish with nationals. Not to say my Spanish is good…but that’s how I’m going to learn! I have a lot of mixed feelings about language learning. It helps if I recognize what a blessing it is to receive language training! I am determined to try my best while being patient with myself at the same time. Dani and I will be taking public transportation to the language school here, learning for a few hours each day.


Tacos with the Grumbles!



  1. Barbara Ford · October 9, 2016

    Great post! Thank you for sharing these thoughts and these prayer requests. Love the picture!!

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  2. Kristy Ford · October 10, 2016

    Thank you for this! Love this picture of you with the Grumbles! Did they know tacos were one of your favorite meals. I can tell they are my kinda people 🙂 What a wonderful welcome! Praying these new prayer requests for you!


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